how to get rid of ants inside your car (4 simple steps)

getting ants in the car can be a nightmare for many people. here are some tips on how to get rid of the ants from your car and how to prevent them in the future

how to get rid of ants inside your car

even when you try to keep your car in its best shape, pests can infiltrate the cabin and quickly take over. what causes these insects to get into the vehicle, and do you know how to get rid of ants inside your car?.

in this article, we discuss some methods to help you have an ant-free interior. we also look at why ants come inside the car and how you can prevent it. 

can you get ants in a car?

absolutely! ants are going to travel wherever they can find food. if you park your vehicle near an anthill and have food crumbs inside, it’s only a matter of time before they get in.

ants contain an extra-sensitive smell that can detect the smallest hints of food and crumbs around. if you are regularly eating or drinking in your vehicle, or you have children that like to spill things, you could easily struggle with an ant infestation in your vehicle. 

even if there isn’t food in the car, simply parking near an anthill can cause problems. ants scavenge first to find the food, then send back signals to their family when something is found. if your interior is meticulously clean, but there are ants inside, your problem might just be caused by where you are parking. 

why should you rid the car interior of ants?

what’s so bad about having ants in the car? aside from being extremely frustrating, the ants can become downright annoying. they can crawl on you while you are driving and create a distraction.

furthermore, while many ants won’t bite, there are some species that can inflict damage. ponerine, carpenter, and fire ants are destructive.

ants can bite anytime they feel threatened or if they are simply trying to remove a crumb that is found on you. ant bites from dangerous species can leave behind welts or trigger an allergic reaction.

additionally, ants can cause damage to the car. if they are invading in armies, you should be worried about the electrical wiring that they could be gnawing on. 

how to get rid of ants in your car

so, what can you actually do to get rid of ants in your car? here are 4 easy steps to follow to get rid of the ants fast and easy.

1. remove any trash

trash in car

it’s normal to eat and drink in your car, but leaving the trash behind could be putting the interior at risk for an infestation. when you are done enjoying your on-the-go burger, make sure you remove the trash right away.
if you don’t have time, keep a trash bag in the vehicle to at least gather it all. every few days, you can remove the trash and get a fresh bag. 

2. vacuum interior

vacuum interior e1624903386774

once all of the trash is removed from the vehicle, you should have an empty interior primed for vacuuming. take a decent car vacuum, or visit the local car wash for a high-powered model and suck up all of the dirt, debris, and ants.
you will want to remove the car mats and vacuum them separately. it’s also important that you take your time with all the small crevices and cracks in the car. ants can be hiding anywhere. 

3. clean the tires and wheels

clean tires

you should never overlook the importance of cleaning your wheels and tires. the tires are connecting your vehicle to the roadway, making it easier for ants to get into your car.
after a good car wash, consider adding a chemical finish to the wheels and tires. these chemicals will keep ants off of the tires, which should keep them out of the cabin as well. 

4. put ant traps in car

if you’ve tried everything to get rid of the ants and they keep coming back, you will have to try stronger methods. you can find a variety of ant traps on the market that might help you get a clean interior once and for all. 
it might take trying a few different brands before you find the one that works. put the ant traps under every seat for the best results. 

preventing an ant infestation in a car

ideally, you should clean out the car often to prevent ants in your car. if you can’t do it yourself, pay to have it professionally detailed by a service that washes it, treats the tires, and vacuums the interior.

after the interior is cleaned, you want to keep it that way. pick up any trash and vacuum up crumbs as they occur. if you spill something, clean it up immediately before the ants can smell it.

you should also consider where you are parking. there could be ant hills around the location where you leave your car. take a peek in the bushes and trees around your vehicle before you walk away from it. with some precautionary work, you can keep your car interior ant-free.