car makes noise at 2500rpm – mitsubishi outlander 2.4l mevic 2004

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  • frankmnld
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    may 2, 2022 at 10:33 am

    good day,.

    after suffering a lot by different garages with empty wallet in the end decided to ask some help online, hoping maybe someone will help me,.

    car runs too nice and smooth below or above 2500rpm,

    mitsubishi grandis 2004, 2.4l benzine, (sorry for outlander in car model, as no grandis was in list) kind of rattle noise at 2500rpm at idle in neutral and when driving, 7 times to the garage, they replaced one by one , engine mounts, transmission mounts,  drive shafts, muffler, middle damper, and yesterday they asked me to replace catalytic converter, as they said its broken from inside, pfff, no engine light, no error code on scanner, emission test passed, yet they insisted, i decided to check it 1st before buying one for 700 euro, or 450 for used one,

    after disassembly, both catalytic converters at front with the manifold and one at the middle all were in one piece, not broken, not clogged, not lose. leak or anything, heatshields were tight, even made them again in place with washers, were touching nothing,  so mounted back to the car, after that i asked the mechanic what now, and he said maybe its this and that so i came to conclusion that he just don’t know,

    now the question is,. what is causing this noise and that vibration in cabin.,. to describe the noise, its like if someone ever overfilled their engine oil…? kind of boooon rattle, i have this car since last year and this sound was there but a stupid friend said its normal for this 2,4 engine, after driving another grandis 2004, i know now my car has a problem,

    any idea…? where to look for,. i have paid around 600 on engine mounts, 280 for drive shafts, and around 570 in total to that mechanic all for replacing parts which were not even faulty,. thanks god i didn’t bought new catalytic converter,


    please help.


    brand: mitsubishi
    model: outlander
    year: 2004
    engine: 2.4l mevic

    may 5, 2022 at 6:53 pm

    does the noise follow the rpms of the engine? when was the timing belt replaced? if i remember right, this engine has a balance shaft, which you can turn 180 degrees wrong when replacing the timing belt. if you do this you will get vibrations at certain rpms

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    may 5, 2022 at 7:18 pm

    thanks a alot for your reply. i have no idea when was the timing belt replaced as i have the car since last year and a sticker in car only says next replacement which is due at 190000km and car is yet at 181000km,,

    all this time i am trying to solve this issue. went to 6 different garages. every time they replace something totally unrelated and the issue stays which cost me alot of money..

    the issue is. 1st it was vibrating at 1.5k rpms and 2.5rpms, and 3.5rpms..

    last time i placed a flexible piece of pipe right after the catalytic converter which vanished 1.5k rpm vibrations..

    engine and transmisstion mounts did helped but too little..


    3.5k rpm vibrations i dont care because i never go beyond 2.5, 3.0k rpm as speed limits on highways.

    2.5k rpm = 100km/hour and 2.8k rpm = 120km/h


    2.5k rpm is the most being used where i get this vibrations with a kind of heavy booonnnn sound continiously.


    when i put hand on my car engine i feel its shaking.. yesterday compared to another grandis 2.4l same model. phhh. that was too still smooth..

    all puleys are being checked and are fine. only remaining thing is now inside the engine. for which i have an appointment to replace timing belt..

    just for a note. no error codes, no check engine or other light. tested at 2 places with different obd2 scanner tool. so seems what you mentioned that 180 degree rotation could be the issue..


    any more suggestions in the meanwhile..?