electrical problems – volkswagen cc 2015

car forum repair & maintenance electrical problems – volkswagen cc 2015

  • chris
    community member
    may 11, 2022 at 8:26 pm

    hi all, i couldn’t  find my skoda citigo in the list. sorry, i may be in the wrong forum…

    my car is 5 years old and half a year ago started having problems with the electronics. dealership told me they need 160gbp just to test it and most likely they won’t find the reason.

    battery was just renewed but out of the blue, the hazard light comes on and stays on. or the indicator stops working, or the indicator doesn’t stop going whatever i do to try and switch it off. even with the engine off for a while, suddenly the hazard light comes on and keeps going until the battery is empty!! (happened twice, needed a kick start)

    has anyone ever experienced this and can you give me a hint as to what i should tell the mechanics? my garage won’t touch it because ‘electronics are difficult’, they directed me to a skoda garage who offered the 160 deal with likely no outcome…

    any advice would be appreciated. i don’t want to give up on the car yet.



    brand: volkswagen
    model: cc
    year: 2015