how to enter a honda radio code (& how to retrieve it)

this article provides information on how to enter the radio code into your honda. it also gives an overview of the steps to retrieve lost radio codes.

how to enter honda security radio code

the honda radio code is designed to prevent thieves from taking off with your stereo system. the car will require you to enter the code if the stereo is removed from the vehicle. however, it also asks for the code when the battery is disconnected. if you have never had to use it, you might wonder how to enter a honda radio code.

in this guide, we examine how simple it is to enter the honda stereo code. if you don’t have the code on hand, you will need to know where to find it, so we offer simple solutions to that problem as well. 

how to enter a honda radio code

if you know your radio code, you will enter it by pressing the applicable preset buttons on the stereo head unit. if the code is “11143”, you press down the “1” three times in a row, followed by a “4” and “3”. this should unlock the stereo system so you can use it normally. 

sadly, most people don’t know the code to the honda stereo, making it impossible to get it started once it is locked. on the bright side, there are several ways to get the code so it can be unlocked. 

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how to retrieve the honda radio code

1. find the code in the car

the easiest way to unlock the radio is to find the code in your car. in some models, you can find the code listed in the glove box. it might be on a sticker that is found inside the compartment. this sticker will also include the serial number of the radio, in case you ever need it.

if you don’t have a sticker or can’t find it, take a look in the owner’s manual instead. there’s always the chance that the radio code has been placed in the book, especially by a previous owner who needed to write it down. 

2. contact honda dealer

your local honda dealer can help you get the code. however, they probably won’t give it to you over the phone unless you already have a relationship with them and they know you.

this step will likely require you to make a service appointment with the dealership. at this appointment, the certified technicians will verify your ownership and give you the appropriate code. this option is going to cost you money, which is why it’s not the most popular choice. 

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3. search online

if you want to avoid the dealership, you can look it up online. head to the honda website designed specifically for this problem. 

to get the radio code, you will need some information. have your zip code, email address, phone number and vin number with you. the vin can be found on the driver’s side door jamb, on your car registration or on the plate at the bottom of your windshield. 

you must also have the serial number of the radio. if you drive a 2001 or older honda model, you can find the serial number on the radio’s body. to get this number, you must remove the head unit from the radio. if you aren’t comfortable doing this, get professional guidance. 

however, if you drive a 2002 or newer honda, it’s much easier to get the radio serial number. turn the key to the on position. press the “1” and “6” radio preset buttons simultaneously while turning on the radio. the 10-digit number will pop up on the display, so make sure you write it down.