what color of rim is better for a white car?

a white car can look great with almost any rim color, but some colors work better than others. find out what the best rim color is for your white car!

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white cars are among the most popular car choice on the road today, so it’s easy to pick one the next time you buy a vehicle. however, deciding on the appropriate rim color isn’t always as simple. what color of rim is better for a white car and how can you make your vehicle look its best?

several rim colors look good on white cars. bronze or black are some nice choices, but you can also choose silver, gunmetal, copper or two-tone colors. if you really want to stand out on the road, consider the eye-catching style of red rims on your white car instead.

in this guide, we look at the benefits of each color. we also talk about the option of painting your rims. 

best rim color for a white car

1. bronze

while bronze might not be a popular choice, it is still one of the most beautiful options available. what’s great about it is that not many people are using it, so you can help your car stand out.

the bronze rim would look great on a white sedan. it can also be eye-catching on a coupe, such as the bmw m5 or nissan gtr.

2. black

at first glance, you might think that black rims could be too bold for the white car. after second consideration, you see this makes a great choice, one that’s very complementary.

black rims help to give the car a stylish appeal. if you have a bold personality, you might as well match your car to it. 

3. gunmetal

you don’t want to overlook the sleek style of gunmetal rims. these are known for strength yet are also extremely elegant. 

this color also helps hide stains, keeping your vehicle looking its best. while gunmetal is a great choice on white coupes, it’s also a top choice with black cars. 

4. silver

if you are on the fence about an appropriate color, rely on good-old silver rims. because silver goes with everything, this is a no-brainer.

you may not even need to do anything since many new cars can be equipped with silver rims from the factory. save time and keep your car looking great. 

5. copper 

cars with copper rims aren’t seen that frequently. however, you can’t beat the unique appearance of the combination with a white car. 

when you pair white and copper together, you are ready to turn heads. let your vehicle express your unique level of class. 

6. two-tone

these rims continue to become more popular. some of the best choices include either silver with gunmetal or silver with black.

however, you can kick things up a notch and add some color if you prefer. why not look at using this next color for a little fun?

7. red

if your white car seems boring, it’s time to make a statement. add some bright pops of color, starting with the rims. 

we recommend red rims because it provides a sporty appearance. your car will instantly look aggressive and fierce. 

can you paint car rims?

if there is nothing wrong with the rims you have and you don’t want to get rid of them, you might consider painting them. if you aren’t versed in this work yourself, you should pay someone to do it for you. on average, you might spend $125-$300 to paint your car rims, which is much cheaper than buying new ones. 

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if you plan to tackle the job yourself, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. jack up the vehicle and place it on stands. 
  2. remove the wheels.
  3. clean the rims and smooth out the surface. you need a wire brush to get off any rust, grime and contaminants. if there are stubborn areas, use steel wool and sandpaper to get them off. 
  4. once the surface is clean, you must shield the tire rubber. use painter’s tape and a drop cloth to cover up the tire. 
  5. put on protective gear while painting. put on a face mask, old clothing and safety glasses to stay safe from any harm.
  6. spray the rims with primer paint first. 
  7. evenly spray the wheels with your chosen color once the primer has completely dried.
  8. after the color is complete, use a clear coat finish on the rims. 

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when choosing spray paint for your rims, make sure it’s compatible with the material. not all spray paints are made to be used on steel, alloy or aluminum wheels.