how much does it cost to wrap a car? (average wrap cost)

wrapping a car instead of painting it is becoming more and more popular. here are the average and total costs of wrapping a car

car wrap cost

back in the day, if you wanted to change the look of your vehicle, you had to get a paint job. today, the process of altering your vehicle’s aesthetics is easy with a wrap. how much does it cost to wrap a car and is the expense worth it?

we look at how much a car wrap costs and what factors change the pricing. in most cases, you will see that a car wrap is a great solution for personalizing or customizing your car. however, you must be prepared for the expense of a car wrap and the time it will take to get it done. 

car wrap cost factors

there are a few factors that you need to consider before finding the right car wrap cost for your car model. here are 4 common factors you need to look at.

1. car type

small big car

the majority of the cost you incur when getting a vehicle wrap is for labor. the process can be quite a labor-intensive undertaking, especially on a larger vehicle. if it is done right, the installation won’t be rushed. 

this is why the installer will base the cost on how large the vehicle is. compact cars and coupes are 2022世界杯榜 ly the least expensive to wrap. from here, the family sedan or compact crossover will be the next least expensive. wrapping a full-size suv, luxury sports car or truck is probably going to cost you the most.

however, the car type is looked at not just by size but also the design of the exterior. for example, if you are driving a tesla, you might find the price is lower, simply because of the smooth car surface.

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2. colors or options

wrapping car

your vehicle wrap contains multiple vinyl decals that get applied around your car, on every panel, the hood, fenders, roof and doors. the wrap needs to cover every part of the body, leaving none of the original paint colors to shine through below. 

plus, vinyl wraps are completely customizable, with chrome finishes, glossy options and metallic colors. wraps are all created with the help of a computer, offering never-ending possibilities.

with that said, there are a lot of options and colors that can add to your price very quickly. if you want a generic color applied, your cost will likely be much less than the driver searching for a custom look. 

3. car condition

your vehicle should be in pristine condition to have a wrap installed. if there are dents, dings or scratches, they need to be repaired first. this extra step adds more money to the car wrap installation.

just as you wouldn’t paint your vehicle with imperfections, you aren’t going to wrap your car with them either. otherwise, all of these blemishes will shine through and your money will be wasted. 

a knowledgeable installer is going to properly wash and detail your car first. they will also fix any imperfections. 

4. wrap application process

after the repairs are made and the car is detailed, the application begins. for a high-quality installation, you want to have all of the bumper covers, taillights and headlight assemblies removed. while the installer could put them on without taking this step, you will notice a better application because of this diligence.

it will also help the decals adhere better, but is going to cost you more money in the end. you have to ask yourself whether you want to pay more for a shop that takes the extra time and does it right or if you would rather have a cheap wrap put on that might not last.

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car wrap price

the car wrap price varies greatly. you can expect a total car wrap cost of $1500 to $6000, depending on the car type, wrap type, and the workshop.

as we’ve discussed, the majority of the cost is going to be tied up in labor, not materials. because of this, the installer must factor in the complexity of the job, the type of decal you want, and how big your vehicle is before giving you an accurate quote. 

for a smaller coupe, it’s possible to get a simple car wrap installed for $2,000. however, if you drive a larger coupe or sports car, you might pay upwards of $3,000, while a compact truck, suv or van could cost you $3,500.

if you add special treatments, such as a carbon-fiber appearance or metallic colors, you need to prepare to pay more. additionally, chrome treatments start at $6,000 and only get more expensive. if you want something completely custom or you are going for the exotic look, be prepared to spend up to $10,000 until all is said and done. 

you may also be without your vehicle for a few days while the job is done. some models have bumpers that are difficult to remove. plus, there are some areas of a car that can be difficult to wrap, such as the doorjamb. when you take your vehicle to get a car wrap, ask for an estimate on the cost and the time you will be without a ride.