10 best car buffers & polishers of 2022 – review & buyer’s guide

if you are looking to buy a new car buffer, then read our review before making your choice. we have evaluated the best buffers in the industry and rated them

10 best car buffers and polishers

do you value the appearance of your car and get worried about blemishes? you should consider investing is a buffer polisher.

though cleaning your car’s paint can reduce the appearance of scratches, buffing, and polishing your vehicle can restore its shine. you can do this without incurring the extra expenses of hiring a professional.

buffing is the process of using polishing compounds to eliminate damaged paint and scratches for the surface. using the right car buffer polisher can help you get a fresh paint surface, giving your car an appealing finish. prioritizing on the condition of your car’s paint ensures that you get extended service.

the market provides some of the best car buffer polishers that not only take care of stubborn scratches but also stains that don’t conform to conventional cleaning. if you are new to buffing, allow us to guide you through the best polishers that exist out there. comparing their features and understanding how they work can help you choose the right one.

we will also give you a guideline regarding how you can select the best car buffer polishers available. read on!

the best car buffers & polishers in 2022

dewalt dwp849x check price1250 w4.9/5
porter-cable 7424xpr check price500 w4.8/5
makita 9227c check price1000 w4.6/5
griot's 10813stdcrd check price850 w4.5/5
torq torqx polisher check price700 w4.2/5
meguiar's mt300 check price500 w4.2/5
black & decker wp900 check price100 w4.1/5
ryobi rb61g check price200 w4.1/5
wen 948 check price250 w3.9/5
flex l3403vrg check price900 w4,6/5

1. dewalt dwp849x variable speed car buffer

dewalt variable speed 1

the company behind this car buffer is famous for producing high-quality, rugged tools. dewalt variable speed car buffer polisher does not fall short of your expectations. this is designed for both amateurs and professionals alike.

it is versatile since you can use it on different metal surfaces of a car or boat. use it with caution since it can burn any plastic parts. dewalt buffer makes use of a 12 amp motor. most people choose it over other brands due to the durable components used in its construction.

the tool is also equipped with an exclusive control finishing system which enables it to deliver high speeds of about 600/ 3500 rpm. this tool does not come with load speed; thus, you can start polishing right away.

this car buffer polisher also comes with a wool ingestion tool that prevents the build-up of wool during buffing. the feature, therefore, extends the lifespan of the polisher. it is light-weight and portable, preventing fatigue during use. make use of the top and side handles when you need to switch positions smoothly.  the manufacturer also includes a rubber gear case which gives you a secure grip as you work on your vehicle. the case and precision cut gears also enhance the efficiency of the tool.


  • weight: 6.7 lbs.
  • top and side handles
  • it comes with a three-year warranty

what we liked

  • you can use it on various surfaces
  • the steel gears give you a smooth operation
  • it is durable and powerful

2. porter-cable 7424xpr car buffer

porter cable buffer

does your car have swirls or stubborn stains? you can get rid of them for good by using porter cable. it is designed with a random orbit action that makes it ideal for removing swirl marks on the surface of your car.

the ball bearing function of this polisher enhances its durability. you can customize the 6-speed settings of this polisher using the handle and trigger. it is a high-quality machine that you can use on different surfaces.

it also contains a counterweight which is pre-installed to balance the machine. you get a removable handle which you can adjust in different positions. though the tool may lack a backing plate found in some buffers, it accommodates even left-handed individuals.

thanks to the dual position handle, you can use this machine with ease without needing any prior knowledge. sometimes, people who are used to buffing cars on their own worry about the machine overheating. that is why the producer of this type include heat overload protection to eliminate such worries. the pad included in the package may not be sufficient if you need the tool for more than one use. in this case, you have to buy additional pads along with the tool.


  • 4.5 amp motor
  • speed: 2500-6800
  • customizable speed settings

what we liked

  • it does not overheat
  • it is user-friendly and affordable
  • has fast speeds

3. makita 9227c car polisher

makita polisher

if you have been buffing for a while and are in search of a high-quality polisher for professionals, makita is what you need. this machine gives you precision as you work on eliminating deep scratches on your vehicle. the polisher is also suitable for handling tedious tasks for extended periods without the worry of your machine overheating.

it has a powerful motor that features variable speed, giving you room to set the machine according to a specific task. you can also set up constant speed using the available controls. the inclusion of a soft start eliminates the need for the initial load.

makita polisher also comes with a rubberized handle to give you a firm and comfortable grip during buffing. it also contains wire mesh covers that protect the motor from coming into contact with the wool, thus extending its lifespan.

most professionals that have used makita reveal that it is quite efficient and versatile. you can use it on different surfaces and conduct tasks such as sanding, polishing, painting, or waxing. it also contains a pad, hook and some side handles which increase stability during operation.  though this buffer polisher may be more expensive compared to other brands in the market, it gives you value for your money.


  • speeds: 600-3000 rpm
  • 10 amp motor
  • weight: 7 lbs
  • dual-mode containing a polisher and sander

what we liked

  • it is not noisy
  • you can use it continuously

4. griot’s 10813stdcrd garage car polisher

griots garage polisher

the producer of this buffer tries to give you a tool that you can handle without any complications. griot’s garage buffer is a simple machine that many non-professionals prefer. it is a dual-action buffer that contains a cord.

this machine contains an adjustable handle as well as a rubber grip to increase comfort and prevent hand fatigue during operation. while most of the buffers handle mild scratches and swirl marks, this brand can also eliminate oxidation from your vehicle. oxidation can make your vehicle appear older than its actual age, and by removing this, your car can easily shine. it prevents you from altering the color of your vehicle as you try to work on the oxidized areas. 

the powerful motor can deliver buffing power of up to 850 watts. though the machine is not quiet, it offers excellent performance during waxing and polishing. griot’s garage also comes with a-6 speed settings that provide room for customization.

most users like the ergonomic design of this polisher. it allows you to rest your fingers on the grip notch, giving you a steady grip. you can also adjust various positions when you need extra comfort. when you buy this buffer, you get a lifetime warranty that you can use if the machine fails to work as expected.


  • 7 amp motor
  • ergonomic design
  • 10 feet cord

what we liked

  • ideal for newbies
  • its loop handle is adjustable
  • the tool can eliminate oxidation

5. torq torqx car polisher

torq torqx polisher

do you own a vintage car? you should maintain it using torq torqx buffer polisher. this is one of the best beginner-friendly polishers that need minimal experience in using a buffer. apart from the polisher, you get three buffing pads and a v line sampler for various auto-detailing tasks.

the polisher contains a powerful motor that makes it efficient in removing scratches and stains. it can also get rid of any other defects such as swirls and watermarks on the surface of your car. its heavy-duty construction enhances its durability. due to the incorporation of the soft-start function, the machine can start without the need for any load.

it also works at different speeds beginning from 1200-4200 rpm. use the display panel to read and adjust your speed depending on the task at hand. it is sturdy and can maneuver without minimal vibration. the weight of a buffing polisher also matters, and this model is one of the lightest in the market. its weight makes it more portable and prevents hand fatigue during use.


  • motor: 700 watts
  • random orbit action
  • digital speed display

what we liked

  • works well on different surfaces
  • it comes with variable speed
  • has an impressive design

6. meguiar’s mt300 car buffer

meguiars mt300

dual-action car buffers are known to be effective, and meguiar’s is no exception. this includes some remarkable technologies that you may not find in conventional polishers. the manufacturer equips the tool with a digital torque management function. this machine has a digital circuit that can adjust the torque for the buffer to maintain the loaded speed level.

you can use it to conduct different tasks since the machine has a wide speed range starting from 3000-7500 opm. make use of the thumb adjustable dial to adjust the speed settings. there is a soft starting motor that puts you in control as you switch on the polisher. the soft-start feature also prevents the compound from splashing during use.

the dual action buffer gives the surface of your car a flawless finish. this tool is suitable for applications such as waxing, compounding, and polishing. it has a handle which enhances comfort during use. this handle makes it easy to use the machine with either hand as you get rid of surface contaminants without putting much effort.

 it is a well-balanced buffer that comes at an affordable price. though you get a power cord, you may need an extension when doing multiple tasks. unfortunately, this buffer can be noisy when using high speeds.


  • orbital throw: 8mm
  • multi-position d handle
  • digital circuit

what we liked

  • the buffer self-adjusts its power
  • it is light and comfortable
  • it does not overheat

7. black & decker wp900 car buffer

black decker buffer

are you working with a specific budget and need a cheap but effective car buffer polisher? black & decker is ideal for you. it is one of the cheapest buffers that perform as good as expected.  this polisher is also convenient to use and light. it is a high-quality polisher that can manage heavy-duty tasks.

black & decker is a random orbital buffer that generates a single speed to give you smooth finishes. the 10-foot cord that comes with this polisher is longer than what you get from other brands increasing mobility.  you can use this buffer on cars or boats.

most customers find this buffer comfortable to use due to its dual handle design. when buffing, you can easily control this machine using the dual handle. unfortunately, you don’t get adjustable speed settings, but this is not a deal-breaker. the constant speed allows it to deliver uniform buffing.

this polishing machine works well on polishing and buffing applications. the random orbital action makes it ideal for eliminating swirls on the surface of your car and giving it a smooth finish. the package also includes an application bonnet which makes it suitable for large tasks.


  • 6-inch pads
  • speed: 4500 rpm
  • power: 0.5 amp
  • weight: 5.3 pounds

what we liked

  • long cord
  • it is comfortable
  • the tool is also pocket-friendly.

8. ryobi rb61g car buffer & polisher

ryobi car buffer polisher

if you don’t like moving around with lengthy codes during buffing, you will love the design of this car buffer. unlike most of the car polishers in the market, this is powered by a lithium-ion battery. it is cordless meaning you can transport and use it anywhere. you can find lots of cells that are compatible with this machine. the power it generates makes it suitable for wax application.

it also contains appealing features such as orbital action which makes it perfect for eliminating scratches and swirls from the surface of your vehicle. the manufacturer also includes a rubber over-mold which gives it a firm grip making it easy for you to conduct precision work.

you will also find the tool user-friendly since it has buttons that you should use to turn it on and off next to the handle. the package also includes buffing and applicator bonnet. you also get elastic bands that you should use to secure the bonnets.  it is also light-weight and compact and easy to use with one or both hands.


  • maximum speed: 3500
  • cordless
  • compatible with 18v lithium-ion batteries

what we liked

  • it can work for an hour without needing a recharge
  • you can use it from any location

9. wen 948 car buffer

81wwuj84o4l. ac ul320 ml1

a car buffer polisher that has ample power makes it suitable for more than one application. that is why the producer of wen includes all the features that make this buffer quite versatile. it has a variable speed range starting from 1000-3500 rpm. you can use this tool for almost everything, including buffing, waxing, compounding, and finishing.

wen comes with a 10 amp motor which makes it quite powerful. you may not find such a powerful car polisher under the same price range. even when you are using low-speed settings, the machine is fast enough for some of the applications.

during use, you can easily install and remove the bonnets, sandpapers, and pads using the loop and hook base pad. it is among the few car buffer polishers that come with an onboard digital readout. this displays the tool’s current speed to give you precise buffing. wen also comes with a reversible side handle, which makes it convenient to use. buy this car buffer polisher today and get all the necessary accessories you need to perform different applications.


  • weight: 6.7 pounds
  • onboard digital readout
  • reversible side handle

what we liked

  • it is more powerful than other buffers
  • variable speed
  • it is versatile

10. flex l3403vrg car polisher

for professionals

flex car polisher

reduce car maintenance expenses by choosing a durable buffer that lets you work on your car without relying on professionals. flex can transform your dull vehicle into a shiny looking car that looks as good as new. it is loaded with features that guarantee you impressive results.

it is a dual-action orbital buffer that mimics the movement of your hand. you, therefore, use minimal effort during polishing and get a smooth surface. this feature also prevents it from creating holograms. it is also a powerful buffer that has variable speeds that you can adjust depending on the application.

most of the features are placed near your hands so that you can perform different functions conveniently. for instance, you can adjust the speed of the buffer with ease.  flex also contains a safety feature known as an automatic motor shut down, which prevents your car from damage.

you also get a 13-foot cord meaning you will not spend more buying an extension. if you are not used to using a buffer, you may find this polisher a bit cumbersome when using for extended periods. it may not come as cost-effective as other car buffers, but it is worth it.


  • 8 mm rotation
  • 13-foot cord
  • ample power

what we liked

  • it is ideal for car paint which is temperature-sensitive
  • the tool imitates how your hand moves in a circular motion
  • it is easy to use

how can you find the best car buffer polisher?

buffer polisher 1

now that we have discussed some of the high-quality buffers out there, we will look at some of the features that you need to consider for you to identify the right polisher that can help you fulfill your needs. they include:


this is one of the most crucial factors that you should not overlook as you choose a polisher. they are rated in either orbits or revolutions per minute. try to choose a buffer that offers higher speeds since such can give you better performance, especially when you want to get rid of deep scratches on your car. you should also have some skill for you to operate a high- speed buffer. look for one that has speed ranging from 2000-5000 rpm. some of the polishers also offer constant speed.


during buffing or other applications, you may need to lift the tool as you move it around your vehicle. that is why you should check the weight of the buffer to ensure that it is easy to move around. a light-weight and compact car buffer enhances portability during use. such will not add stress to your arm and cause fatigue when using it for extended periods.

vibration and noise

the mechanism of a car polisher makes it vibrate and cause a certain level of noise. one that vibrates too much can make it hard for you to achieve accuracy during application. you should, therefore, test the buffer before purchasing it to ensure that it comes with minimal vibrations. a less noisy one also prevents you from causing distraction when working on your car.

safety features

since you value your car, you should make sure that the polisher you choose comes with the necessary safety features to avoid damage. if you are not used to buffing, you should look for basic safety features such as automatic motor shut down options. this prevents the tool from damaging the paint of your car if it overheats.

hand control

buffing, waxing, polishing, and compounding may take time. that is why you need a car buffer which is comfortable to use for an extended period. choose one that has a dual hand control option which helps in the distribution of the weight throughout the machine’s body. the handle of the tool should also be secure to give you a firm grip so that you can handle it with ease.


most of the car buffers may have a similar appearance, but they come in different types. some of them are rotary buffers, while others are random orbital polishers. beginners prefer orbitals since they are less complicated in comparison to rotary buffers. orbitals can distribute wax on the surface of your car evenly. they are therefore ideal for waxing. rotary buffers, on the other hand, are suitable for eliminating blemishes and sanding marks on the surface of your vehicle.


with the reviews and buying guide above, choosing the best car buffer polisher becomes an easy task. pick a buffer depending on your skill level since the market offers different options for both beginners and professionals. buffing your vehicle is better than relying on conventional waxing methods since it can keep your vehicle shiny and clean.


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