10 best car speakers of 2022 – review & buyer’s guide

find out which car speakers are best for you and your vehicle in this detailed guide. we list our top 10 picks, pros and cons, and a short buying guide

10 best car speakers

i guess you can relate when i’m telling you that driving a car with a stereo sounding like a stone-breaker is really annoying.

you are on your way home from work on friday evening and your favorite song comes on your stereo, but your speakers sound like crap and you wish you had better speakers to get a greater experience.

luckily, car speakers are pretty cheap nowadays and pretty easy to replace in most cars. but choosing the right speakers is difficult if you do not have the knowledge.

that’s why we did the tough work for you and tested and reviewed the 10 best car speakers for bass & sound quality to buy in 2022.

if you want to learn a bit more about car speakers before your purchase, check out our buyer’s guide in the bottom of the article.

best 6x9 speaker

pioneer ts-6900pro
pioneer ts6900pro

best 6x5 speaker

kicker 40cs654
kicker 40cs654

best speaker set

jbl gto609c
jbl gto609c

pioneer ts-6900pro 2-way – best 6×9 car speakers

pioneer is one of the pioneers in the area of high-quality sound systems and speakers. it is one of the oldest brands there is and lives up to its name to this day. there was a time when cars used to come factory fitted with a pair of pioneer speakers, complete with a pioneer music player. at the moment, we have the pro ts-6900, out of its numerous speaker models. 

these are a recent model made by pioneer and is already living up to the company’s claims. by the looks of it, the design is solid and tough looking which is backed up by noteworthy quality and sound.

why we like it:
key features:
  • 6×9″ 2-way
  • 600 max watts
  • bullet tweeter
  • high sensitivity

kicker 40cs654 – best 6.5" car speakers

the kicker brand is also a well-known brand which makes high-quality car audio systems and speakers. its cs speaker series are specially marketed as budget-friendly but at the same time offer high-quality sound. 

kicker’s 40cs654 is one of its great car speakers which will be worth your penny you spend on it. in terms of the technical specs, these speakers will definitely have you wow at it. these are rated at a max power of 300 watts and 100 watts per speaker. this shows that they are more than capable of producing quality sound.

why we like it:
key features:
  • 300 watts/200 rms per speaker
  • 40 to 20000 hz
  • 4 ohm 2-way
  • reduced-depth baskets

jbl gto609c 6.5" - best component car speakers

here we are, with another highly popular brand, jbl. you may have seen jbl speakers in smaller forms much more commonly but jbl has in store high-end speakers for car system also. 

since it’s an old manufacturer of audio related systems, it is known and trusted by many. here, jbl has for us the gto609c 6.5 inches speakers that stand on the fine line between tight budget and quality which is many are looking for. each speaker contains a tweeter with a setting for dual layer adjustment for volume.

why we like it:
key features:
  • 6,5″ 2-way speaker
  • up to 21.000 hz
  • vented magnets
  • 3 ohm voice coil
  • 1p of speakers
  • 1p of speaker grilles
  • 1p of tweeters

rockford r165x3 6.5" 3-way - best budget 6.5 car speakers

rockford is the choice of many when it comes to car speakers. although it should be mentioned that the brand isn’t as well-known as many, those who have given these a try have good reviews for the brand. it nonetheless is one of those brands making high-quality premium car speakers and sound system. 

rockford is actually quite an old company and it its time, it was one of the few, making unmatched quality speakers. one of the good things in the r165x3 is that these are 3-way coaxial speakers which mean, the different frequency of sound in music will be divided and each of the 3 speakers will play a different frequency, giving a surrounded sound feel in your car. this is something not many speakers have as a feature even if they are offering a 3-way set.

why we like it:
key features:
  • 6,5″ full range
  •  3-way coaxial speaker
  • 45 watts rms / speaker
  • other sizes/types available

alpine sps-619 6x9" 3-way - high-quality sound car speakers

the alpine type s is one of the best quality sound systems out there with a large fan base. these are coaxial speakers, 6 inches by 9 inches with a loudness that is desired by many. the best part is that it has got a variety of size selection which makes it a good pick in the mid-range speakers.

the speakers are rated at 260 watts and 85 rms watts per speaker which, although is below the average, still manages to produce the quality. the rating doesn’t stand much in the way of the sound quality it produces as it proves it simply.

why we like it:
key features:
  • 6×9″ 3-way
  • 85 w rms/260 w max / speaker
  • 65-23,000 hz
  • sensitivity: 90 db
  • 1 year warranty

kenwood kfc-6965s 3-way - best budget 6x9 car speakers

if you aren’t familiar with the brand kenwood, you are definitely left behind in the world of speakers and sound related equipment. kenwood is a big name in the market of speakers and other related items. 

although kenwood has lots of different speaker models, this one is really something else. these may look similar to factory speakers in your car but the sound will tell you otherwise. 

why we like it:
key features:
  • 6×9″ 3-way speakers
  • 400 watts/pair & 45 rms watts/pair
  • polypropylene cone

jvc cs-j620 6.5" 400w - great 2-way car speakers

jvc, like the pioneer, is one of the oldest brands there is which specializes in marking high-quality sound systems, speakers and other related devices. jvc has countless types of speakers of different ranges. this one, in particular, the cs-j620 is aimed at the budget-friendly speakers. 

these are 2-way coaxial speakers which will definitely improve your bass and overall sound clarity when compared to your factory car speakers. the bass won’t be as high as to shake your car windows and the surrounding, but it’s going to sound smooth and good enough letting you know that your money spent on it was worth it. you can say that these are for those who wouldn’t want to spend a big amount on speakers yet prefer good enough quality when listening to music.

why we like it:
key features:
  • 2-way 6,5″ speakers
  • 300w/30w rms
  • frequency range 35 – 22khz

jaras jj-2646 6.5" 3-way car speakers - good price

the jaras may not be that well known by many, nonetheless, after looking at the reviews and testing these speakers, it turned out to be a good one for the price paid.

 the jaras jj-2646 are undoubtedly good speakers in the price range compared to other speakers. these are 6.5 inches speakers all around with a power handling rating of 360 watts and rms rating of 180 watts which is above the average than many. but that isn’t for the show. these speakers use the powerful neodymium film dome with a piezo tweeter that handles high pitches just fine.

why we like it:
key features:
  • 180 rms/360w peak
  • 6.5″ 3-way
  • 4 ohm impedance

kicker ds693 6x9" 3-way - low impedance car speakers

kicker’s ds693 is a 3-way speaker that solidifies its quality in terms of its price. the ds693 are 6 x 9 inches speakers which are extremely budget-friendly and a notable replacement from the factory fitted speakers in the car. the 3-way speaker arrangement manages to perform better than other 2 way speakers as the isolation of frequency is made a little better with these. 

the tweeters in these speakers are quite responsive and handle the high pitches quite well without cracking or tearing. the speakers are rated at 70 watts in terms of power handling per speaker or 140 watts when combined. that makes the sound quality notable in relation to its price and when compared to other similar ranged speakers.

why we like it:
key features:
  • 6×9″ 3-way
  • 90 watts rms power
  • 360 watt max power
  • 92 db spl

pioneer ts-a6976r 6x9" 550w - cheap 6x9" car speakers

here is a set of another one of the pioneer speakers kept under a low budget. the assurance here is that pioneer is going to deliver with each and every speaker set no matter what the price range is. the ts-a6979 speakers feature a rather classic and elegant look. nonetheless, the speakers manage to produce high quality and clear sound and are loud enough in a car’s cabin. 

these are 6 inches by 9 inches and without a doubt excellent speakers for the price. these are 3-way speakers with a multilayer woofer cone providing a durable sound diaphragm for seemingly high-quality bass sound. the speakers are rated 550 watts rms which means that’s a 90-watt rating per speaker.

why we like it:
key features:
  • 6×9″ 3-way
  • 550 watt max power
  • multilayer cone
  • lightweight

car speakers buyer’s guide

best car speakersthe truth is, a good sound system has become an individual aspect of a car and its features and car speakers are the most overlooked part of a car. as cars are advancing and upgrading in technology, a good sound system with durable speakers has become rather a need by especially the young generation. it’s what allows us to play music during drives but the thing that’s still often ignored usually is the quality.

no one would want to have their favorite music playing in unreasonable quality. factory car speakers are good but aren’t good enough. some people enjoy driving while listening to some nice quiet music or their favorite songs because it makes the journey smooth for many. you’d rather turn off the sound system if you hear crackling or simply a flat sound without that feel to it which you get with your ear-phones.

then there are some speakers which make the music loud but suppress the vocals. no fun in that either. so what do you need then? you need good quality speakers so that you can pass your time singing along while either stuck in traffic or halted at a terribly long red light!

so what is with so many speaker brands and their variation in prices? well, indeed, some good brands come at a higher cost than others but they really do offer the quality many people understand and crave for. also, it also depends on an individual’s taste. if you are someone who loves to just play it out loud and let everyone hear your music, then there are woofers that come with a set of speakers as per your requirement. but if you are someone who rather plays it for yourself but with a high-quality sound, being able to hear the vocals in the music, then it’s better to get smaller speakers specific for treble and vocals although changes can be done in the equalizer in your sound system. 


other than the speakers, the sound system itself matters. in fact, the sound system is responsible for half of the quality that you get with the combination of the two. if the system isn’t as powerful, you may not get the quality you look for even with good brand speakers. the same can be said for vice versa. also, it’s important to know the amount of space your car has. if you have a hatchback, better go with smaller speakers that can be concealed inside the space behind the seats. so then how do you choose the right speakers for yourself and the car?

the best part is that you have come to the right place. you think which speakers are good out there? luckily for you, you have to not look elsewhere. we have covered in details about the best and high-quality speakers and some well-known brands to help you decide for yourself which ones do you prefer to get for your car’s sound system.

we have made a list of the best brands and speakers in the market, with a detailed review of each, along with their pros and cons so that your decision making can be made even easier.

things to consider before buying your car speakers

car speakersalthough it may seem not much of a hassle looking for car speakers since the one and the only purpose of speakers is to simply play sound. while that is quite true, the quality is why you should think twice before buying just any speaker. the main attraction to car speakers is to be able to play loud but high-quality sound. the speakers are rated at different wattages, which states it power consumption and its overall power capability. but there is another term you have come across while going through this article.

the term rms wattage. rms is an abbreviation for root mean square. in easy terms, it’s the mean voltage at which sound can play. in even simpler terms, it is there to further define a speaker’s power handling and performance output. that is to say, rms value shows a speaker’s ability to continuously output sound. usually, the rms rating is what you need to look at when shopping for good speakers. here are a few other things including rms in detail, which is what you need to look for shopping for speakers.

peak power

this term determines the peak output of a speaker, as the name suggests. this literally means how loud a speaker can go in terms of the sound mostly. this is something to look for if you want to pay audio centered or pulse type of sound.

the peak power is stated by a wattage. the higher the number, the louder the speakers can go at the full volume. also, this also relates to the lowest possible volume limit. some speakers get too quiet to be heard at all at the minimum threshold while a speaker with a high peak rating may be able to play sound dimly, but enough to be heard.

peak power is required and looked at by those people who listen to loud bass music such as edm and hip-hop. note that many speakers do not contain a peak power rating or rms rating as it’s simply a means to disguise their underpowered speakers. so now you know when to look for the peak power rating which is stated by a watt value.


this is the actual power rating of a speaker. it determines how much power the speaker needs and that subsequently determines the performance of the speakers. technically speaking, high wattage rating is necessary for speakers with woofers. that is because the woofers take high power which needs to be given by the sound system. without enough power, the woofers may sound too low or not work at all.


as you may already know, humans can hear from a frequency range of 20 hertz to 15,000 to 18,000 hertz 2022世界杯榜 ly. that depends on the age factor and hearing ability. similarly, when talking about speakers, the speakers can play different frequency sounds.

that includes the highs and lows in the music you are playing, determining the pitch. while this isn’t much of a big deal, as 95 percent of the speakers play sound the in the frequencies people can hear. the frequency can be an important factor when playing high treble or low bass music and in some cases, the bass cannot be heard due to playing in really low frequency or treble extremely low frequency.

mostly, the bass is played between the 10 and 50 hertz sound. a little higher till the 100, instruments such as bass guitars and drums are played which can be heard without much trouble. till the 200 hertz area, the upper-level bass is played and can be easily heard.

from 200 to 1000 hertz, the vocals are clearly heard and other mid-frequency ranged instruments. above and near 20000 hertz, high treble can be heard and usually the hissing sound under a quiet background.

sensitivity rating

often this rating is overlooked and while it isn’t as critical to look for in speakers in terms of sound, it is at least worth to note it once. the sensitivity rating determines the power efficiency rating of the speaker. it can imply the life of the speakers and also which kind of head unit or amplifying unit the speakers need or can be coupled with. the sensitivity rating is stated by a db symbol which means decibel. it can also tell how loud a speaker is able to play with a single watt and a distance of 1 meter.

for that, the output is rated with a db number and the greater the db, the louder and efficient the speaker is going to be able to play. that is to say that, some speakers which have a lower db value, can play just as loud when given power through an amplifier, those with a higher db value. but it should be noted that amplifying underpowered speakers can damage them in a short time. this also makes the power handling aspect of a speaker relevant as a speaker with a low power rating shouldn’t be given high power in hopes to boost the sound. the speakers might simply blow up and you’ll end up with a paperweight.

sometimes, due to voltage fluctuation, the sound can be heavily modified. the ability of a speaker amplifying a single and converting it into sound is greatly determined by its impedance.
impedance is a term that determines the speakers’ resistance to the flow of power which is usually rated at 8 ohms for most speakers. this means that the power given to speakers should be kept under the 8 ohms resistance so that the signal is enough to be heard which is why amplifiers are required to turn up the signal loss due to impedance and resistance to power.


as we talked about the impedance earlier in the article, the resistance is really all about that. the resistance of a speaker is determined by its impedance, meaning, and the amount of power or current the speaker can restrict or resist, which is determined in ohms.

this means that, if a speaker is rated with an impedance of 8 ohms, the amplifier should be able to push out power to the speaker that is greater to resist by the speaker in terms of current. without the required amount of power, the speaker will not be able to produce audible sound. this, in turn, is related to the wattage required by a speaker which shows that if the speaker gets the specified watts, the impedance is surpassed and the speaker should work up to its maker’s claims.

also, the ability of a speaker to be able to surpass the resistance but barely, so that it can control low volume efficiently, is dependent on the power handling of the speaker. low-quality speakers, when played at a low volume may not produce an audible sound but the sound is only heard after turning up the volume to a particular amount.

to conclude, it can be difficult for some of us to be able to select the right speakers for ourselves, without the right knowledge, but now you’ll know what to look for, after getting all the basic and required information regarding car speakers to match your need. that isn’t to say that getting a speaker set rated at a high wattage and with low impedance will have you satisfied.

it really depends on the person. a person who has a taste for music with vocals should be fine with speakers that are designed to play treble better while a person who likes bass and hip-hop might need a high power wattage system.

different types of speakers

component type speakers

these are the type of speakers which include usually more than 2 speakers. with the involvement of a circuit and a crossover, each speaker is given the task by the sound system to play a specific area or frequency of the sound playing, after the sound is divided into multiple frequencies and assigned to different speakers.

these are speakers which need ample space and usually isn’t opted for in installation in cars since this set of speakers contain multiple different speakers such as woofers, subwoofers, tweeters, and crossovers.

tweeters – these speakers are small in size and handle the treble of music. these will play high-frequency sounds of instruments like cymbals, guitars, flute and other sounds which are of high pitched.
woofer – as you are already familiar with, woofers handle only the bass of the sound/music. the woofer unit is larger in size and usually kept at the back of a car behind the seats. the range of frequency the woofers work under is between 50 hertz to 500 hertz. these units actually need space as these let out air to produce the sound effect of the bass.
subwoofer– these are staged down versions of the woofers and handle the low-frequency sounds between 30 hertz to 80 hertz. the sub-woofers assist the main woofer in making the proper bass according to the music played.
midrange – these speakers as the name suggests, handles the midrange frequency of sound. these speakers handle the sounds in the frequency range of 150 hertz to 2000 hertz.
some sets include a few more speakers, and all these together make a surround sound environment which makes the experience quite good especially in movies. cinema halls use these types of speakers. in cars, the speakers get smaller and the set consists of fewer speakers but manage to produce the same quality as per the size of cars.

pros of component car speakers

as stated, the component speakers isolate different frequency ranges and divide them between the different speaker configurations. this separation or isolation of the frequencies allows the different placement of the speakers, allowing us to create a surround sound effect. also, these speakers are high in quality and its crossover speakers are excellent in sound. the placement is in the hands of the user and the best part is the individual components can be upgraded with needing to change the whole system.

  • the most efficient system
  • high-quality sound produced
  • isolation of the frequency creates surround sound effect
  • an individual component upgrade is possible without needing to change the whole system
  • works best in a large area

cons of component car speakers

since this system contains lots of different speakers, ample space is required which is difficult to get in cars. simply, many cars do not have enough space to have installed component speakers in them. this would require a door speaker on each door and a sedan so that the woofer can be placed in the trunk without compromising too much space. also, these systems can be quite expensive and in the case of 2022年世界杯淘汰赛 , it takes time to trace the problem.

  • a lot more expensive than coaxial speakers
  • lots of space required for them to produce the surround quality
  • installation isn’t as easy as for coaxial

coaxial type speakers

coaxial speakerthe speakers covered in this article are all coaxial type speakers. usually, since cars are limited in space, coaxial speakers are commonly installed. these speakers have become much more efficient and are able to produce a high-quality sound like the component based speakers. what distinguishes them from the component type speakers is that these usually come in a set of 2 with a single woofer. the two or 3 speakers are there to handle all sound frequencies and thus are called full range speakers. usually, the tweeter is placed with the woofer and because of that, they share a common axis which is the reason why these speakers are called coaxial speakers. these speakers come in a 2 way or 3-way set. the number determines the number of speakers along with a woofer. coaxial speakers are usually preferred to be used in cars due to their sizes.

the placement of coaxial speakers gets a lot easier as they can be fitted into space with a little modification where the factory speakers are installed. also, the wiring becomes just as simple as there are not so many components. plus, because of the coaxial connector, the compatibility with other devices becomes a big advantage.

arrangement types of coaxial cable

2-way speaker arrangement: this is the usual speaker arrangement you will find. usually, these are the ones found in cars, those which are stock. this arrangement consists of 2 speakers. one is the woofer and other is the tweeter. the benefit to the 2 set speakers is that it doesn’t require high power to produce a sound that is audible while you should note that often, the quality of the sound itself isn’t up to the mark if the cones of the speakers and its magnets aren’t fitted tightly and properly.

3-way speaker arrangement: this one consisting of the same speakers as above, only a super tweeter is added with the arrangement. the super tweeter is commonly placed on the top of the woofer, amplifying the effect of the main tweeter in producing high pitch sounds and clear vocals. if the quality of the super tweeter in the arrangement isn’t up to mark, the sound produced by it will mostly be teary and distorted.

4-way speaker arrangement: these are now more common to see, in the type of coaxial arrangements. a set of 4 will without a doubt produce the best possible sound quality compared with the above-mentioned speaker arrangements. these include a super tweeter and also have their cones and mid cones. nonetheless, the quality of the speakers themselves should be good enough if you are expecting good quality sound from them. 4-way speakers somewhat become like the component based speakers as they also contain multiple speakers which isolate the frequencies as much as possible depending on the number of speakers.

pros of coaxial car speakers

for one, coaxial speaker systems are much cheaper than other systems. but that doesn’t compromise on the quality. coaxial speakers manufactured now are capable of producing high-quality sound and lasts longer. it is easier to maintain them and these speakers do not require a lot of space in cars to install as these can be fitted on the board where the factory speakers are installed.

  • affordable speakers
  • easy to install and maintain
  • not a lot of space required
  • comes in different sizes for different cars depending on the maker

cons of coaxial speakers

as with the cons of component speakers, there are some drawbacks to coaxial speakers as well. the coaxial speakers may be budget-friendly, but upgrading them isn’t as simple as replacing a particular component in the other speaker configuration. you will have to change the whole system in order to upgrade which can be costly overall. also, these are good in quality but aren’t as good as isolating multiple sound frequencies like it is with the component based speakers. sometimes, the sound tends to distort and crack under high volume. usually, that happens when there is a tear in the cone or the tweeter is pressed and squished.

  • isolation or frequencies isn’t as good
  • in order to upgrade, the whole system needs to be changed
  • adjustments after installation can be a hassle.