10 best car vacuum cleaners of 2022 – review & buyer’s guide

do you want to find the best car vacuum cleaner? our review and buyer’s guide has all the information you need to make an informed purchase. read more!

best car vacuum cleaners

what’s more disgusting more than a dirty interior in the car with a lot of dust and other old food left-overs on the floor mat?

i know this problem, i work as a mechanic and it’s not always that funny when you are replacing the cabin filter and have to lay with the back on the floor in the car together with old food left-overs and other dust. a lot of people does not really take care of the car and the car looks more like a dustbin.

the reason for this problem is maybe because it’s not that easy to take your heavy vacuum cleaner and find a wall plug near your car and you won’t even reach all places in the result after the clean will not be that satisfied.

but you know what? there are actually special made vacuum cleaners to clean your car and reach all the small spots and most of them are really easy to carry. some of them are also battery driven, which means that you do not have to find a wall plug located close to your car.

here is a list of the best car vacuum cleaners to buy in 2022.

first, you will find the reviews, if you want to check the buyer’s guide and information first, go down in the article by clicking here: buyer’s guide

the best car vacuum cleaners in 2022:

1. black&decker chv1410l car vacuum cleaner – best value

black+decker chv1410l

the black&decker car vacuum cleaner is back again. this time, with a powerful and amazingly convenient vacuum cleaner. so what is it that makes this particular unit extremely convenient? it’s the fact that it is completely cordless, which was not the case with our previous product on the list.

we chose this in the first place in the article because of the great price together with the promising quality of it and the performance of the motor. to find out if this vacuum cleaner is the right for you, do also check the other products and read the review and product specifications.

the chv1410l has an ergonomic design which makes the handling of it extremely easy and convenient. the motor equipped on this one is a 16 volt powered motor capable of taking in just about any kind of dirt in your car interior. one, out of many great features of black and decker’s vacuum cleaner is that its batteries can hold a charge for up to a year and a little more when it’s shut off. that’s something no other vacuum cleaner offers at the moment and it’s a great function to have if you do not vacuum clean your car that often.

this unit is backed up by a 2-year warranty provided by black and decker and considering its motor, which isn’t the most powerful motor in a vacuum out there, it still manages to help you clean your car to a great amount. its unique suction motion does not let even the finest dust to go past its filters so be assured that you’ll do a good cleaning job with this unit.

  • features a 16 volt motor.
  • lightweight
  • unit is powered by lithium ion batteries
  • strong suction power
  • a single charge can have the batteries last for up to a year and more when off
  • features fast charging
  • the filters are easily removable and washable
  • this unit has a 2 year limited warranty provided by the company
  • because of the strong electric motor, it’s a bit loud

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2. armor all aa255 car vacuum cleaner – both wet & dry

armor all 2.5 gallon

one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market today is the aa255 by armorall. the unit is packed with more features than you’d expect. it has a powerful motor which efficiently sucks in all the dirt on the floor and especially from cramped places where hands cannot reach easily. with the help of its attachments provided, cleaning in small areas on and under the car’s dashboard becomes easy and fun. with the many attachments provided, one attachment makes the vacuum cleaner acts as a leaf blower so that you can easily dislodge that dirt which doesn’t want to come off easily. unlike most vacuum cleaners, this one allows you to suck in liquid too without causing damage to the internal parts.

the weight of this vacuum cleaner is really low and the size is small which is great when you are going to vacuum clean your car and you may want to store it inside the car between the cleanings. the filter inside the vacuum cleaner is cleanable if you want, but the filter can be replaced if your want.

a great thing about this device is its long power cable so that you don’t need to carry the vacuum at each step as you clean the front and the back area in the car. although it’s purposely created to be used for the car’s interior, it fails to give the option to be plugged in and powered using a car’s cigarette lighter socket. that’s because the motor needs more amperes than what the cigarette lighter can provide. but still, this device proves to be a good enough vacuum cleaner with a strong motor to get the cleaning job done just about right and the price is absolutely right for this high-performance vacuum cleaner.

  • features a power 2hp motor with a large dust storing tank
  • cleanable dust foam with a high quality filter
  • inexpensive
  • has a long length power cable for increased usability
  • lightweight
  • has an ergonomic design makes it easy to carry
  • backed up by a 2 year limited warranty
  • wet suction operation is a bit slow and not that powerful
  • no cigarette lighter 12v option

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3. liberrway car vacuum cleaner – budget

liberrway car vacuum cleaner

comes next is a unit made by libberway. also, this one is a vacuum made for cars. it’s equipped with quite a powerful motor of 100 watts. talking about its build structure, it is definitely made to be durable and long lasting. one thing good about this unit is that instead of using light plastic for the internal fan, the company has used aluminum alloy which makes the force of the fan even greater. but that’s not all, this unit can be powered using the car’s cigarette lighter which is exactly what every car owner wants to have in their portable vacuum cleaners designed especially for vehicles. the package includes various attachments such as a cleaning brush, extension for the hose and other attachments for specific use.

many would think that since it’s a 100 watt motor, it would take a lot of power but that’s not the case! upon using the device, we found out that the motor consumes much less power than expected. so it’s a win situation.

this is a really low-priced car vacuum cleaner, but don’t judge it. the quality is actually great and if you are unsure, you get a 2 years warranty which confirms that it’s not a bad car vacuum cleaner just because the price is low.

the only drawback we found with this unit is that you do always have to have the connector plugged in and the weigth is no the lowest of these vacuum cleaners. nonetheless, it still does the job good enough. cleaning the vacuum cleaner is just as easy as using it. simply take the outer case off and the filter will be exposed. all you need to do is clean the filter and refit it to use it again. it has a long length power cord for high usability of the unit. overall, an excellent unit to have and it could absolutely be recommended if you want a car vacuum cleaner but your budget is not that high.

  • it can be powered using a car’s cigarette lighter 12-volt socket.
  • 2 years warranty
  • both wet & dry use
  • features a fan made of aluminium alloy instead of plastic
  • a conveniently long power cable
  • contains bag-less filter
  • the weight is not as low as it could for this size
  • the cleaner have to be plugged in at all the time

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4. vacplus cordless dc12v car vacuum cleaner

vacplus dc 12 volt

the vacplus manufacturer also makes for a very good vacuum cleaner. with the long length power cable, you won’t have to worry about carrying the vacuum cleaner and can use it to clean your car’s interior without needing to move it repeatedly. it surpasses libberway’s vacuum cleaner in terms of the filter. besides the filter, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with an led torch light to help you spot the dirt and dust better

this unit falls behind in terms of the warranty. rather disappointing, vacplus offers only a 3-month limited warranty on its vacuum cleaner, unlike other brands which do often offer up to 2 years. even with these things in mind, vacplus’s car vacuum proves to be a good vacuum cleaner for its price and definitely worthy to be on this list. another thing about this car vacuum cleaner is that the suction power is a bit disappointing and may not be enough for some tasks, but hey for the price it’s really comparable with the others.

  • small & lightweight
  • has a suction power of 5000pa
  • delivered with an extended tube, a crevice nozzle, and a brush
  • has led torch light for high visibility
  • has a long length power cable for high usability
  • the filter is reusable & washable
  • the suction power is not the highest and may not be enough for some people
  • only 3-month warranty

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5. metro (vm6bs500) car vacuum cleaner

metro vacuum vm6bs500

now here’s a – what you call – a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. this unit boasts a mighty 500 watt extremely powerful motor making it one of the highest performing vacuum cleaners in this list. the motor is a mighty 120-volt one which will let no dust hold back at any cost. the only thing keeping it from being the perfect vacuum cleaner on this list is the fact that it is not cordless but a wired machine. no worries though as it consists a pretty long power cord of about 11 ft. that will get you done with all of your car cleanings without having to move the cleaning unit much.

we can really recommend you to get the extension kit for this one because without it you have to hold it with one hand and at the same time clean with the other. if you are going to use this vacuum cleaner for long periods, it’s really recommended to remember that this vacuum cleaner gets pretty hot and may suit better for shorter cleanings.

the thing about the 120-volts 500-watt motor is that it has the ability to suck in water of 60 inches in no time. that’s a case you might face ever in a car, unless you devise to go for a swim in your car that is. the make of the unit is strong and contains a sturdy steel body to be durable. even with the steel body though, it weighs quite less. about this unit, we can surely say it’s the beastliest of them all.

  • an extremely powerful motor of 500 watt running off of 120 volts
  • a long power cable
  • made in the usa
  • a strong steel body
  • can clear up 60 inches of water fast
  • 5 year warranty for the motor provided.
  • the vacuum cleaner can be pretty hot if you are using it for a long time
  • hose is a bit short

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6. armor all (aa12v1) budget car vacuum cleaner

armor all 12v car

armorall’s this particular unit serves the purpose of both, dry cleaning as well as wet cleaning vacuum cleaner. let’s make one thing clear. this unit isn’t as portable as you might think. it’s bounded by a power cord which isn’t long enough for some people, it’s 15-foot and you may have to replug it several times while cleaning your car. but at least, it has the feature to be plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter, which so many brands fail to offer.

this unit by armor all isn’t as powerful as the other unit, even the smaller ones, as we mentioned earlier. it’s powered by a 12-volt motor, which isn’t as powerful as its variant, which can help you in light cleaning in your car’s interior. so to say about it in a few words, it’s a good enough vacuum cleaner which will only get a minor cleaning done because of its low powered motor but if you are looking for a low budget cleaner and happen to keep your car mostly clean, this unit will do just fine for you. but if you seek a powerful vacuum cleaner and don’t mind spending a few more bucks, your best bet is to go for higher powered alternatives.

  • features a 12-volt motor
  • can be connected to a car’s cigarette lighter
  • includes storage bag
  • features an led light which acts as a torch
  • includes detail brush
  • a 15-foot long power cord for high usability
  • backed by a 1 year warranty
  • the suction power is a bit low

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7. lolldeal super car vacuum cleaner

lolldeal 12v 75w

the lolldeal is one of the smallest portable vacuum cleaners in this list. it is completely handheld and extremely lightweight so you can easily and conveniently clean the insides of your car.

it’s so small that you can nicely tuck it in your car’s glove box or keep it in a corner in your car’s trunk. although due to its size, being small, the motor it features isn’t as powerful as the other vacuum cleaners we looked at but even with that, the vacuum cleaner is good enough for cleaning as much of the car’s interior. the motor it contains is a 75 watt, with a suction power of only 3200 pa, which is good enough for light to moderate cleaning, considering its size. although one thing to note in this rather small cleaner is that, it has a fan made of aluminium instead of plastic, which is what helps it to gather this much suction strength even with a small motor. if you are going to do the more heavy-duty cleaning in your car, i do recommend you to check the other cleaners and may spend a bit more on a car vacuum cleaner

also, it contains a hepa filter rather than a fabric and foam one and has a long wire for the power. overall the quality is not that great, but hey it is really budget friendly vacuum cleaner which makes it a good deal for the features it has to offer.

  • aluminium fan blades rather than a plastic one
  • contains hepa filter which can be cleaned easily
  • great customer service
  • its long cable can be plugged into a car’s 12v cigarette lighter
  • unit is backed by a 1 year warranty
  • the quality could be better

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8. hoover (bh52160pc) car vacuum cleaner

hoover air cordless 20v

the bh52160pc from hoover and is a great device if you are looking for a high-quality cordless vacuum cleaner. in terms of the price, it is without a doubt one of the most expensive vacuum cleaner in this list. but it’s a lightweight device if that helps. due to being cordless in operation, it needs a lithium-ion battery pack which is included in the package thankfully.

this unit disappoints greatly in terms of battery backup, giving a back-up of just 15 minutes after a 9-minute charge which is just absurd, nonetheless, it’s cordless and handy enough to be used in the car without having to worry. unfortunately, you will need to recharge the vacuum after 15 minutes of constant use. still, if you happen to regularly clean your car’s interior and need to clean minor dust, or maybe your car sits in your garage most of the time, this vacuum cleaner will be good enough for your use. overall, it’s a vacuum with its cons but still comparable to the other vacuum cleaners in the list.

  • runs cordless from a 20-volt lithium ion battery pack
  • contains a bag-less filter
  • the battery is replaceable
  • battery status lights
  • the filter can be cleaned and used again
  • includes a rolling brush
  • the unit and the battery pack are covered by a 2-year warranty(read it carefully)
  • has an ergonomic and a neat design
  • very handy and portable
  • the battery backup time is really low
  • the warranty & support may be questionable

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9. hikeren 106w wet&dry car vacuum cleaner

hikeren car vacuum cleaner

there’s not a lot to say about hikeren’s multifunctional vacuum cleaner as it features most of the features conventional vacuum cleaners and its counterpart cleaners have these days. but, it gets to be on the list because of its long convenient power cable, and feature to be powered by a cigarette lighter socket in your car.

it also has a hepa filter with a steel build and contains an led light acting as a flashlight. in terms of power, it has a rather powerful motor of 106 watts, yet it manages to boast a suction power of only 4500 pa which is less in proportion to the motor wattage, when compared to other similar vacuum cleaners with a slightly downsized motor than hikeren’s

  • easy washable hepa filter
  • contains led torch light
  • conveniently long power cable
  • low noise
  • can be plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter socket
  • backed by a 1 year warranty with money back and replacement option
  • we found the motor sligthly downsized and low suction power
  • the quality could be a bit higher for the price

check price on amazon

10. holsea car vacuum cleaner 80 watts

holsea car vacuum cleaner

this vacuum cleaner offered by holsea shares a lot of things with the other car vacuum cleaners in the price range, this unit can also be plugged in and powered from a car’s cigarette lighter socket, making it a convenient device. also, it features a motor of 80 watts which doesn’t take too much power. the 80-watt motor is capable of providing a suction of 5000 pa, which is actually really great for the size of the motor.

but it doesn’t have a normal filter, instead, features a hepa filter similar to vacplus in this aspect. with all these features, holsea’s vacuum cleaner proves to be a quite powerful one capable of clearing as much dirt and dust from the interior as possible. where this unit lacks behind is that its dust storing capacity isn’t as large as the other vacuum cleaners and would require a cleaning after a signal heavy use. overall, the features of this device with the price makes it a truly powerful and handy vacuum cleaner to buy and especially, if you enjoy power cleaning your car.

unfortuantly, this vacuum cleaner is out of stock on amazon at the moment, and if you want to get it, you have to find other sites like ebay that is selling this vacuum cleaner.

  • powerful suction power of 5000 pa
  • features a 3x filtering system
  • the motor rotation has a unique pattern (pro-cyclone technology)
  • contains a high quality hepa filter which can be cleaned and reused easily
  • long power cord
  • can be powered from a cigarette light in a car
  • ergonomic design making it easy to carry around
  • out of stock on amazon right now
  • the quality and feeling could be a bit better for the price

check price on amazon

vacuum cleaner buyer’s guide & faqs

just how important it is to keep your home clean from dirt, dust and debris, it is equally important to keep your car clean. a clean car will have a long life just like anything else. as we all live in a dirty and polluted environment, containing fine and extremely tiny dust particles, these tiny particles can build up over time and become big enough to be seen inside your car. no one wants to sit in a dirty car now, or do they? that said, maintaining a car’s interior is very important. but what about cars which haven’t been cleaned from the inside for a long time? a few wipes with a moist cloth will get the windows clean but you’ll need a vacuum cleaner to get the floor cleaned up.

cars which are driven less often or aren’t timely cleaned, end up with a lot of dust in the interior and if not frequently cleaned, it can start to take its toll on your seat, your car’s dashboard, and the instrument cluster and even stiffen and rot the internal wiring behind the dashboard of your car.

cleaning a car’s interior can be tough as the dust settles on the carpet and it gets almost impossible to get it out without a powerful vacuum cleaner. also, it can be difficult to reach a few places inside the car which can contain hidden dirt which critically needs to be cleaned. you may say that you get your car washed or serviced each month but does the car wash take care of your car’s interior as well? a shiny car looks clean from the outside is good, but what would happen if you had guests or friends to drop home? it would look like a messy living room that wasn’t cleaned for days and you definitely do not want that.

so what’s the best way to address these issues? with the help of vacuum cleaners of course! but there’s a lot of difference between the vacuum cleaner that you may be using at home and the vacuum cleaners we will be talking about in this article. here, we will be talking specifically about vacuum cleaners made with the thought in mind to be used to clean a car’s interior. while your home vacuum cleaner may do the job just fine, managing and bringing the vacuum near your car can be a problem if you live in an apartment and don’t have your own garage. the thing about car vacuum cleaners is that they are portable and handy which makes their usage easy when it comes to cleaning the insides of a car.

things to look for before buying a car vacuum

there are a number of things you should look for before buying a vacuum cleaner. although each vacuum cleaner serves the same purpose, many different brands offer different pros and unique features for you to benefit from but they come at a price. car vacuum cleaners are similar to those vacuum cleaners used in homes but the main idea of a car vacuum cleaner is that it should be portable and handy enough to be conveniently used in the car. below are a few points to consider before you go out to get one for yourself. this will help you determine the best possible vacuum cleaner that suits your requirements as well as your budget.

the vacuum’s suction power

the main component is a vacuum cleaner’s motor which rotates at a high rpm to build that suction strength needed to sweep in the dirt and dust residing in your car. the powerful a motor, the better its suction strength should be. some brands now offer vacuums with an aluminium fan which increases the power even after having a small motor. watts of a motor determine its power capacity. the more the watts, the more powerful the motor will be but do note that, it would mean the vacuum will need more power for its motor.

build quality and design

this is also an important factor just like with any other device you might want to buy. a vacuum cleaner that is built with high-quality parts, will definitely last longer than those units which are made with cheaper material to cut on the cost. if you are someone who takes extra care of your belongings and other delicate equipment, it may not be much of an issue to get a vacuum cleaner with okay build quality if the price of the unit seems to be falling a great deal compared to other cleaners similar in power and suction.

wired or unwired

now that many gadgets and equipment have become cordless, vacuum cleaners have benefited from this too. with the omission of a wire in about anything, the usability of the device is automatically increased as you don’t have to manage the wiring and repeatedly plug it to use it. cordless devices come with a battery pack which helps to power the device up. it may need to be recharged unlike the case in corded devices, but at least, you’ll be happily using the vacuum cleaner without having to worry about twisting the wire or having it get caught up between the doors. so taking specifically for cars, corded are the best choice in vacuum cleaners but they will be much more expensive than their corded alternatives so if you have the budget, it’s wise to go for a cordless car vacuum cleaner.

ergonomic in design

the basic idea of a car vacuum cleaner, as we keep implying, is that it should be handy enough to be used with a single hand so cleaning and using the unit doesn’t become a problem. if you get a vacuum cleaner that is bigger in size than others, you will need to frequently move it and relocate it as you clean your car’s interior. what’s the point of getting a vacuum that isn’t handy? why not just get the vacuum you use in your house for your car?
bag or bag-less filter
this is in terms of the filter technology. there are two types of filters. old vacuum cleaners used to have a bagged filter which would trap the dust and dirt as you used it. you had to clean it using a brush as managing to get most of the dust off of the bag is difficult. this was overcome when bag-less filter vacuum cleaners were introduced. these made the cleaning of the filter much easier than the bagged filters and also, one doesn’t require to clean it as often as a bagged one. but vacuum cleaners with bag-less filters come at a higher price than its bagged counterparts so it depends on your use which one you should go for.

is it better to get a powerful and heavy-duty vacuum cleaner?

again, it depends on your use. heavy duty vacuum cleaners may be powerful with a strong suction force, but heavy duty vacuums come with a heavy duty price. it is possible that you may not even need an expensive vacuum cleaner. maybe you only need it to use it in your car and that’s it. in that case, it would be unwise to spend a big amount on a heavy vacuum cleaner. but if you plan on using it for other applications than just your car, then investing in one can be a good choice as such vacuum cleaners are built to be more durable and sturdy than many other vacuum cleaners in the market.