8 best car waxes of 2022 – review & buyer’s guide

finding the best car wax on today's market can be challenging, but we've reviewed some of the most popular products and listed our top picks!

best car wax

it is not enough to just clean your car. giving it a good wax leaves it shining and protects the car paint.

exposure to sunlight can leave your car paint looking dull. it makes it even harder to sell the car. finding the right car wax is not easy and that is why we have prepared this guide to help you find the best car wax in the market.

waxing works like a paint sealant and protects your car paint from harsh climatic conditions. if done right, it gives your car a brand new look. looking for the best car waxes for your car?

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the 8 best car waxes in 2022

meguiar’s g18220 check priceliquid4.6/5
carguys hybrid check pricehybrid4.5/5
collinite 845 liquid check priceinsulator4.8/5
turtle wax t-223 check pricepaste4.4/5
p21s 12700w check pricecarnauba4.5/5
chemical guys check pricecarnauba4.6/5
aero cosmetic check pricekit4.8/5
meguiar’s ultimate check pricequick wax4.7/5

1. meguiar’s g18220 ultimate liquid car wax


meguiar has built a solid reputation over the years of offering high-quality products. the company was founded in 1901 and sells everything from polishes, waxes to car sealants. the meguiar’s g18220 is a top seller in the wax department. it tops in terms of durability, ease of application and depth of color. with the product, you are assured that your car paint is under superior protection. the thin-film technology infused in the wax helps protect your car paint from direct sunlight.

the synthetic wax has been formulated through various cross-linked polymers. this ensures that you have a protective layer that amplifies the car’s color. you also do not experience water spots as water rolls over it. you can use the product on glossy paints and clear coats.

application of the wax can be done by hand, through an orbital buffer, or dual-action polish. the car wax while great for first-timers has the drawback of having a shelf-life of fewer than 6 months. on average you should use it for two applications.

key features

  • can be used for multi-method application
  • thin-film technology
  • advanced synthetic polymer application


  • protects your car paint from weather elements
  • suitable for first-timers
  • durable car wax with six months protection

2. carguys hybrid car wax

hybrid car

this car wax combines a sealant and wax solution that leaves your car paint well protected. the first thing, you notice about the car wax is that it comes as a spray. this makes it easy to apply on the car’s surface. the spray nozzle ensures that you apply just a little of the wax without wasting any of it. the car wax is great for ensuring that water does not destroy your car’s paint.

the application of the car wax is great but you should not expect your car to look brand new. the wax has a low shelf live and lasts a few weeks before it wears off.          

key features

  • spray nozzle ensures you do not waste wax
  • acts as both sealant and wax solution
  • lasts just a few weeks
  • uses nano technology to harness polymer sealants
  • gloss enhancing polymers ensure that you have a shiny finish


  • easy wax application
  • multipurpose
  • can be applied on multiple surfaces

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3. collinite 845 liquid insulator car wax

long lasting car

this has been one of the longest-used heavy-duty car wax in the market. the products have seen extensive use in aeronautical rv, marine, and in the automotive industries. this is because the product has been made to withstand electrical fires and explosions. when you apply it to your car you are guaranteed that it can withstand all manner of weather elements thrown at it.

the product is long-lasting and a good wax will last you several months. in this regards, you only need to give your car a good wax every 5 months. the company producing it has been in the industry since 1912. this gives them credibility and experience to develop superior products.

key features

  • extensive usage that spans many decades
  • heavy duty wax for multiple applications
  • can withstand a variety of weather conditions


  • long lasting wax
  • ensures minimal buffing
  • heavy-duty wax that withstands all weather conditions

4. turtle wax t-223 paste car wax

turtle car

turtle wax has being producing automobile care products for the last 70 years. turtle wax is one of their best-selling products across the world. the product is features a synthetic paste that protects your car paint from destruction. once applied it protects your car for almost one year. a single can of the paste wax lasts you a long time, offering the best value for money.

turtle wax will protect your car from the suns destructive uv rays, grime, and dirt. since it gives your car a gloss finish all you need to do on most mornings is just wipe off dirt. if you do not like the paste version the company offers and easy to use liquid solution. however, this lasts for only 3 months. when you are applying the paste you need to be careful to avoid smears.

key features

  • one of the top selling car waxes in the market
  • gives car a glossy finish
  • protects the car from uv rays


  • offers good value for money
  • produced by a reputable brand
  • lasts long – up to one year

5. p21s 12700w carnauba car wax

carnuaba car

this is another popular car wax that is made from carnauba wax. in addition, it is buffered with beewax. when applied the carnauba wax will protect your car from water elements, uv light, and scratches. unlike other car waxes, this one does not leave a powder residue.

the application can be done through a machine or by hand. once applied expect it to last for over two months before reapplying. the wax product leaves your car looking new. while the wax does not come cheap it helps protect your car from water elements for months.

key features

  • made from buffered beewax and carnauba wax
  • can be applied by hand or machine
  • last for up to two months


  • easy to apply
  • long lasting
  • premium product with wide scale use

6. chemical guys better wet car wax

chemical car

if you are looking for a wet look for your car then you need to consider getting this product. chemical guy wet wax is made from carnauba wax. the application can be done through hand or with an applicator. the drawback is you need to spend time applying the wax – besides it can be a bit tiring. after doing your polishing then you can apply this wax through a process of wiping and waxing off.

while applying the car wax ensure that you do not leave some buff spots. this is more common if you are waxing a car that has a light color. the wax should remain on your car for the next two months before reapplying.

key features

  • made from 100% carnauba wax
  • last up to two months
  • mostly applied through hand


  • gives car wet look
  • long lasting
  • does not leave a haze

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7. aero cosmetics wash wet car wax

cosmetic car

this is a premium product from aero that gives your car a wet wax. the product is made from synthetic materials. the manufacturers have associated the product with airplane parts and this means you are using a product that has undergone extensive safety and standards.

you can use the product on both dry and wet surfaces. if you are interested in having a showroom experience then this is the right product for you. in addition, the product is marketed as being eco-friendly meaning there are no components that will cause harm to your car’s exterior.

key features

  • plant based solution
  • wet wax that offers a showroom finish
  • tested on airplanes


easy to apply
premium product that has being thoroughly tested

8. meguiar’s ultimate quick car wax

ultimate car

meguiar makes it again on our list with the ultimate quick wax. the spray easily fits on your hand and this gives you an easy time applying the wax. it also comes with a nozzle, which means you do not experience wastage as the wax comes in small portions.

once applied, the wax will stick on the car’s surface even under direct sunlight. this comes in handy to protect the car paint from oxidation. when applying the wax, it works well by preventing the appearance of spots and blotches. the only drawback to having this product is that the bottle is really small and this means you will need another bottle for large cars.

key features

  • 15.2-ounce quick wax solution
  • sticks well to the car’s surface without leaving spots
  • the bottle is small and you may need two for larger cars


  • easy to apply
  • spray nozzle lets you control amount of wax
  • comfortably fits in your hand

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factors to consider when selecting the best car waxes

best new car

selecting the right car wax is a delicate process. firstly, you want something that restores your car’s shine while at the same time protecting your car from weather elements like uv light and water. the frequency of application matters. if the wax lasts just a few weeks it means you will need to increase the frequency. if you are still undecided on what car wax to get for your car, this buying guide offers solutions for this.

types of waxes

there are various types of waxes in the market – synthetic and those produced from carnauba wax. most people prefer using carnauba wax because it gives the car a glow and keeps off weather elements. the carnauba wax blends with your car’s paint and this gives it an authentic look. the carnauba waxes have the ability of giving your car a showroom feel. they also play a vital role of protecting your car paint from uv rays. the wax is also long lasting and it will take you 6 to 8 weeks before the next waxing.

the other type of car wax is the synthetic waxes. while the carnauba only lasts for 6 to 8 weeks, the synthetic waxes can take up to one to two years before you apply the next coat. however, you do not experience the showroom look like that found with carnauba waxes. synthetic waxes are made from polymers. this then act as a paint seal locking the paint in and protecting it from scratches. the best part about the wax is that it is extremely long lasting and will protect the car from weather elements and debris.

the last type of car waxes available are specialty waxes. this are available in various colors and offer a match that resembles your car paint.


your location will determine the type of car wax that you select. if you are living in an area that is susceptible to lots of sunshine then you need something that will protect your car from uv. sunlight will cause your car’s color to fade due to natural bleaching of the sun. since the car’s paint does not handle well under sunlight you need an extra coat of paint for protection. the best types of car waxes for this kind of conditions are the synthetic ones.

car color

it is hard finding the right car wax if you have a car that comes in a black color. this is because scratches on a black car are more noticeable than other colors. when searching for a car wax for your black car ensure that it has low abrasive properties. if you use the wrong one you the scratch lines will still be visible.

purpose of waxing

you need to consider your reasons for getting a car wax. for some people waxing has no effect on their car. but, it is recommended that you wax your car at least twice in a year. when you wax your car you protect it from the accumulation of debris and dirt. this is because the car wax creates a slippery surface that repels dirt. the car wax works like applying lotion on your skin. the extra coating bounces off dirt and debris. all you need to do later is simply wipe off the loose debris off your car.

when you wax your car you help retain its natural color and this has an effect on residual value. when you are selling a car the buyer will always have an interest in the paint job on the car. if the car exterior has many scratches it can prevent you from getting the best price. having a well waxed car tells more about the car owner than anything else.

waxing and polishing

many people often ask themselves whether they should give their car a wax or polish. when you polish a car, it is because the car exterior has scratches and small marks. polishing helps eliminate some of these scratches. scratch marks are easily noticeable because they reflect on light. while polishing is there to remove marks on your car, people wax their cars to protect the car’s paint. it is like applying oil on your skin. with an extra layer of protection, debris will bounce off the car’s exterior. however, you need to know that if the car shows signs of oxidation, waxing just covers these problems rather than eliminating them. if the car has scratches, you can begin by polishing the exterior then waxing.

frequency of waxing

it is not recommended that you wax your car every time you wash your car. this can lead to deterioration of your paint due to unnecessary oxidation. it is recommended that you do this at least twice a year.

age of car

the age of your car will determine the type of car wax. if you have car that is less than two years old then a good spray wax will do the job. a quick spray will effective for old cars wears out quickly. in this instance you will be forced to apply the wax almost weekly or when you have a special occasion. older cars often have paint that is undergoing oxidation and this means you need a wax that has an ability to clean the surface.

you will also need to observe how many parts of the car are made of plastic. there some waxes that do not work well with plastic.

abrasive waxes

you also need to be careful that you do not get a car wax that contains a lot of abrasives. this can leave your car with fine scratches instead of a fine polish. these scratches are more visible in black cars.

testing the wax

it is recommended that when you are trying out a waxing product you first apply it on some part of the car that is invisible and then watch how it looks on your car. you should also take the longevity claims by the manufacturer with a pinch of salt. even the products that are hyped to last long do not last as intended. when applying avoid using old rags as this can leave scratch marks on your car exterior. lastly, ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned your car before applying a coat of wax. avoid synthetic fabrics to apply the wax as it will leave scratches on your car.

protection level

the best wax that offers superior protection are the synthetic ones. this last longer but have the drawback of lower water shedding abilities. however, the carnauba wax while it does not last long it offers better water resistance capabilities than the synthetic waxes. when it comes to applying the wax, preference is to the liquid products as they are easy to apply. the nozzles also give you the ability to regulate the amount of wax coming out. the paste car waxes will require more effort when applying the wax.

car wax faq

what are the top brands for car waxes?

the leading companies in the wax business include turtle wax, meguiar’s and 3m. while there are other great brands in the market this has been in the industry for some time.

why should i wax my car?

the car wax prevents your car paint from oxidation and discoloration. the sun rays work on your car’s paint and this gives the paint a dull look. when you wax your car it looks like it is brand new and this can boost your resale value.

which type of car wax is the best for my car?

the reasons for waxing will determine the type of car wax that you go for. if you want your car to have a warm glow then you should go with the carnauba wax. this gives your car a deep look that is very attractive. however, you need to note that applying carnauba wax does not last long. typically, the car wax will last for 6 to 8 weeks, unlike synthetic waxes that can last for up to a year.

how many times should i wax my car?

it will depend on the type of wax. it is recommended that you wax your car at least four times a year. the type of wax that you are using will determine how many times you wax in a year.

should i first polish or wax my car?

most people tend to not differentiate between the two. polishing is essential to remove scratches on the car exterior. once you are done with polishing you can now wax the car. waxing acts like a paint sealant and that is why it is vital to ensure that there is no dirt on the car’s surface as it will be sealed with the car wax.

can one wax their car too much?

while there is no rule against over waxing your car, if the wax you are using has an abrasive then it will cause scratches on your car paint. it is not recommended that you wax your car every day. most car specialists recommend that you wax your car at least four times a year.

does car wax get affected by rain?

rain causes damages to your car. if there is presence of scratches and dents, the rain will cause corrosion. when you wax your car you are protecting the exterior from harsh weather elements. the wax can last for up to one year and this seals your car paint. in addition, car wax is great for protecting the car from uv rays.


car waxes are great for protecting your car paint from oxidation and destruction. they also give your car a good shine that makes the car appear new. when searching for an ideal car wax ensure that it easy to apply and lasts long. in this guide, we have identified the meguiar’s g18220 ultimate liquid wax as the best car wax. the product helps retain the natural color of the car paint and is easy to apply.


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